Drug free certified therapies

Is your smart child struggling at school?
Do you have problems with concentration or memory?
Do you feel over stressed , worried or feeling down?
Do you want to enhance your performance in work, sports or personal abilities?
Do you suffer from depression or anxiety and want to get rid of medications?
Do you suffer from hypertension or breathing problems?
Do you have marital or family problems?

ABC provides the solution with highly professional staff and state of the art equipment at your service.

We provide Unique therapies in mind and body interventions.

We offer distinguished therapies:
Biofeedback,Neurofeedback,Psychotherapy,Cognitive behavioral therapy and couple therapy…Read more

Our center provides therapy for children, adolescents and adults.
we are proud to be the first to offer accredited computer based psychotherapy.

Experience life................AGAIN

Relationship Therapy

Smart people come for help before marriage, (pre-marital counseling), or before increasing their commitment, (planning... Read More


Like other forms of biofeedback, NFT uses monitoring devices to provide moment-to-moment information to an individual... Read More

Brain Mapping & QEEG

When the cells in the brain are working (which is so as long as we are alive) they produce electrical charges.... Read More